Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Post #1

   The first blog post.  As I embark on this new digital activity I hope it serves several purposes.  I largely see this blog serving my interests in education with the occasional excursion out of that realm into my personal interests of my faith, family, and sports affiliations with the South Carolina Gamecocks and Boston Red Sox.    As I plan to focus mainly on teaching, I think I should give an overview of what I do.  I am honored to teach World History to 6th Graders at Blythewood Middle School in Blythewood, South Carolina.  I absolutely love teaching.  I enter my 7th year in the classroom and feel more excited about this year than any before.  Along with teaching, I also coach the boy's basketball team.  The community I work for is caring and supportive which is huge for student success.
   In my classroom, I am excited about the work we're going to do as we implement more Problem Based Learning.  Our school is set up in teams so the four main content teachers (Soc. St., Math, ELA, and Science) have the same group of kids.  Setting up our rosters this way will enable smoother scheduling PBL activities across content areas.  Each student in our school also has a Google Chromebook to use and take home.  I recognize how fortunate we are to have access to technology and want to be the best steward possible.  As we go through the school year, I plan to map our progress and share my reflections on lessons, activities, etc.   I hope I can provide insights from my teaching that can benefit your teaching experience and I certainly will appreciate any feedback you may have on how to enhance mine.  Let the adventure begin!


  1. You will find blogging about your teaching practice not only useful, but a way for you to enhance it!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm excited for the journey ahead.