Friday, November 22, 2013

Proud Day as a Coach and Educator

   The past two days marked two of the proudest days I've ever experienced in education.  Over the past three school years I have taken on the responsibility of coaching the boys' basketball team.  Basketball is a sport I have participated in all my life but stopped early in high school on an organized level.  As I have a coached these past three seasons the two important strands that I have made sure to carry over from the classroom are high expectations and character.  I really value the ability to guide these young men on what it means to be a man and to put them in situations to lead.  Over the past two days I watched these young men I lead rise to the challenge and be give back to their community.
   Thankfully, our school is across the street from an elementary school and through coordination with a wonderful 2nd grade teacher there, Teri Stone, we were able to go over as a team and read to K-2 graders.  The team read to large and small groups and they did a fantastic job.  I enjoyed seeing the excitement of the elementary students towards the basketball team visiting their classrooms.  Each of my players did a fantastic job of reading to the classes and interacting with the children.  I hope this left an impact on my players as much as it did on the elementary students and me as their coach.  I don't what our win-loss record will be at the end of the season but seeing these young men takes steps of leadership encourages me that they will be winners at life!  I know they each will make a positive difference in other people's lives.  Go Chargers!!!

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